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Inukshuk necklace

Inukshuk necklace

The three pieces of wood superimposed on this necklace brings to mind Inuksuk, a directional reference for the Inuit.

If you love quirky stuff, yet urban, inspiring, and unique, this wood necklace is for you!


Variety of native Canadian wood and exotic wood

Stainless steel chain (not tarnish – hypoallergenic)

// SIZES //

Pendant : 1 ½  x 2 ½

// NOTE //

Each one of these necklaces is created from different sizes and types of exotic wood.

I cut, pierce, sand and varnish every piece of wood by hand.

This wood necklace is all made in my shop in Quebec City!


Category : Necklaces for men

Of classical and contemporary inspiration, Isabelle Ferland’s jewelry is mostly crafted from mosaics of maple, wenge, zebrano, walnut, amaranth and satin wood. The multi-colored geometrical designs bring out the beauty and richness of the exotic woods she layers harmoniously, creating unique fashionable pieces. Some items are available on my online shop.