Isabelle Ferland

Isabelle Ferland studied at the visual arts faculty of Laval University and works in Quebec City as a fashion accessory designer, infusing her pieces with a certain artistic quality. She is interested in a noble and timeless material: wood. She proposes different species of precious wood to create contemporary mosaics

Located in Quebec City

Of course, I am not always alone in the process. I have collaborators who are essential, of fundamental importance in achieving my goals. But I am present at all stages of production, as attention to detail is paramount. Once the jewelry is finished and checked, the packaging and shipping are also done in my workshop.

Canadian and exotic wood

I exploit the patterns, colors and textures of different wood species such as amaranth, walnut, maple and zebrano. I use them to create mosaics from which I design original pieces that combine elegance and contemporary design.

Idea to offer

Why not together!

I am a member of the Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec.

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