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Article: Videos on how to use a hair stick!

Vidéos sur comment utiliser une baguette pour cheveux!

Videos on how to use a hair stick!

The art of hairdressing with a Hair Pick: our series of Five videos on the use of hair stick.

These hairpin videos are more than tutorials; they are an invitation to explore and discover the art of enhancing your hair with a hairpin. Dive into the world of elegant hairstyles, casual looks, and let us guide you in the art of styling your hair with a hair stick.

Start by braiding a section of hair. Wrap the braid around
of the wand to form a bun and secure it with bobby pins.
Divide your hair into two sections and twist them separately. Wrap each twist around the wand creating a spiral shape and secure with bobby pins.
Wrap thin sections of hair around the wand to
form delicate curls. Continue to wind the hair while gently sliding it out of the wand to create soft curls.
You can use a curling iron for flyaways.
Whether you are looking for a sophisticated hairstyle for a
special occasion or casual hairstyle for everyday, our
tutorials show you how to do it.
Separate your hair into two sections and grade only the first section in your hand. Afterwards, twist the hair and attach the wand.

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wand for hair

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