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New Collection 2023 | Mosaico Verano

Summer promises to be festive and radiant!

Inspired by the kaleidoscope of vibrant colors that sweep around us when the warm weather arrives, the Mosaïco Verano collection is a delicate and daring addition to your summer wardrobe, whether you dream of a tropical paradise with dazzling flowers. , fruity cocktails while strolling on a sunny terrace or simply enjoying the beautiful season with aplomb… even under a blazing sun!

The Mosaïco Verano collection features Isabelle Ferland's distinctive wood mosaics and high-quality stainless steel in shades of silver, gold and rose gold, in addition to semi-precious pearl accents. vibrant and surprising that will give you the unique, assertive and sophisticated look you are looking for.

The necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and bracelets that make up the Mosaïco Verano collection will accompany you this summer - and in any season! - with distinctive, high-quality creations, made in Quebec directly in Isabelle Ferland's studio and which cross fashions with elegance and originality!