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Japanese inspired hair stick

Sale price$25.00
Color:Silver pin walnut wood

Opt for simplicity and timeless beauty with this Japanese-inspired hair stick.

Find out how to use this hair stick by watching our instructional video.

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Information on hair stick:

The hair stick shaft is made of silver-plated copper for a touch of elegance.

At the end of the stick is a wooden pastille, composed of a mosaic of different Canadian and exotic woods.

Hair stick dimensions: total length 11 cm, width 3 cm.



 The wood is oiled, which means you can wear it on any occasion without worry.

Each hair stick has been carefully sanded, oiled and waxed several times to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Avoid showering or bathing with the hair stick to preserve the shine of the oil.


baguette à cheveux fait main au Québec
Japanese inspired hair stick Sale price$25.00

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