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Pink barrette | blue | red

Sale price24.00$

This striped barrette offers the sobriety of a brightly colored wood laminate.

The attachment of excellent quality is screwed to the wood, which makes it a durable and solid accessory.


What you need to know about this bar.

SpectraPly wood is made in the USA from layers of premium yellow birch veneer that has been stained various colors.

Veneers are pressure dyed for complete dye penetration into the wood. After drying at 5% humidity, they are then rolled in a press for flawless bonding.


Size: SMALL 31/4" and LARGE 4" (100mm)




The barrette is varnished on the top, but also below, so you can wear it at any time without problem. However, it is not recommended to take your shower and bath, the varnish used will really deteriorate faster!

Barrette rose | bleu | rouge - #Isabelle_Ferland_bijoux#
Pink barrette | blue | red Sale price24.00$